Richard Lucae (1829-1877), Architect

Joseph Joachim commissioned the Villa Joachim from Richard Lucae, director of the Berlin Bauakademie, when he was 40 years old. It was built in Berlin near the von Arnim residence, In den Zelten 10 — Beethovenstrasse 3. It later became the residence of Fürst von Hatzfeldt. On July 6, 1919, the house was dedicated as the home of Magnus Hirschfeld’s Institut für Sexualwissenschaft. The building was taken over by the government in 1933, and went through a variety of uses until it was destroyed by bombs on November 22, 1943. It was eventually cleared away in 1950.

Lucae Richard (1829-1877): Villa Joachim, Berlin

Lucae Richard (1829-1877), Villa Joachim, Berlin (1871): Perspektivische Ansicht. Tusche aquarelliert auf Papier, 17,50 x 30,80 cm (inkl. Scanrand). Architekturmuseum der Technischen Universität Berlin Inv. Nr. 46201.

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“Joseph Joachim’s villa, built in 1871-72 to designs by Richard Lucæ, was in Tiergarten, with a main façade standing back from the street and fronting the corner of Beethovenstrasse and In den Zelten; the floor plan was inscribed in a square having the diagonal as its main axis. The villa was geometrically distinct, composed around a large music room. The exactness of the detailing and the thinness of the façade conveyed the impression of a cardboard model. And yet in the actual composition and the compression of the large temple front motif of the central section, despite all points of contact with classical revival, there is a tension that places the building in a period full of change and ambivalence.” — Fredric Bedoire, The Jewish Contribution to Modern Architecture 1830-1930,KTAV Publishing House, 2004, p. 232.

Lucae Drawing

Richard Lucae (1829-1877)

Wohnhaus Joachim, Berlin. (Aus: Architektonisches Skizzenbuch, H. 132/3, 1875) Perspektivische Ansicht von der Hauptseite
Stich auf Papier 26,6 x 35,1 cm Inv.-Nr. B 2557,14

Villa Joachim: Floor Plan
Wohnhaus Joachim, Berlin. (Aus: Architektonisches Skizzenbuch, H. 132/3, 1875)



Magnus Hirschfeld Institut für Sexualwissenschaft
Dedicated July 6, 1919 in the Villa Joachim

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The bombed-out building, 1943

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