Neuigkeits Welt-Blatt, Vol. 34, No. 187 (August 17, 1907), pp. 11-12.

N. B.: Obituaries are posted for historical interest only, and should not be taken as sources of accurate biographical information.


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The final paragraph of this obituary is particularly interesting, given that the cause of Joachim’s death is often cited as actinomycosis — a diagnosis that has been convincingly called into question by Dr Harald H. Reinhart, Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine (Infectious Diseases), of the Yale School of Medicine. It also mentions, contrary to other reports, that the doctors refrained from operating on Joachim, due to his advanced age. The article, which appeared in Vienna, describes his prolonged stay in the Viennese Hotel Tegetthoff, beginning in March, where he “lay for many weeks with a bad case of influenza.”

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Hotel Tegetthoff, Vienna