Joseph Joachim





Kittsee, 1831


The Kitsee Kehilla

Digression: The Road to Jewish Emancipation

Of Rivers and Highways: The Perilous Journey into the Future 


First Lessons 

The Flood




Vienna, 1839

Hauser and Hellmesberger

Study with Joseph Böhm

Conservatory Student

A Young Virtuoso

Summer Work in a Summer Playground 

Vienna Philharmonic Debut

Milanollos, and a Farewell to Vienna



Interlude — Leipzig

Leipzig and Mendelssohn

First Gewandhaus Concert. Pauline Viardot-Garcia

The Wittgensteins


Two Teachers: Hering and Hauptmann


In the Court of Friedrich Wilhelm IV: A Work of Timeless Quality

Gewandhaus Debut

Growing Pains/Travel Plans



London, 1844


London Debut

A Prodigious Fellow

After the London Debut: Tharandt


Return to Leipzig

Ferdinand David


Schumann, Cristiani, and Lind 


Vienna Again — and Pest



Mendelssohn’s Death


“A Very Agitated Evening”


The Kaffeter


The Call to Hanover

King George V of Hanover

The 31st Lower Rhine Music Festival

Baptism / Taufe



Verehrter Freund! Liebes Kind! Liebster Jo! Mein einzig Licht. — Intimate letters in Brahms’s Freundeskreis Die Tonkunst, vol. 2, no. 2 (April, 2008), pp. 178-193.

Joachim’s Youth — Joachim’s Jewishness Musical Quarterly, Spring, 2012

Der Geigerkönig — Joseph Joachim as Performer Die Tonkunst, vol. 1, no. 3, (July, 2007), pp. 205-217.

Carl Reinecke, Joseph Joachim, and the Reinecke Violin Concerto, Op. 141

Reményi Before Brahms

The Joachim Quartet Concerts at the Berlin Singakademie- Mendelssohnian Geselligkeit in Wilhelmine Germany from: Brahms in the Home and the Concert Hall Between Private and Public Performance, Edited by Katy Hamilton, Natasha Loges, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014, pp. 22-42.

Preface to Hamlet, op. 4

A Victorian Musician



Nutmegs, Chestnuts, and ‘The Last of a Classic School’: Repertoire and Reputation in Joseph Joachim’s British Career Presented at the Ninth Biennial Conference on Music in Nineteenth-Century Britain, Cardiff University, June 25, 2013

Reményi Before Brahms  Based on a paper given to the American Brahms Society Conference, Brahms in the New Century, Brook Center for Music Research, City University of New York, March 21, 2012.

ABS Handout for Reményi



James Buswell: Brahms Violin Concerto Op. 77. Commentary

Malcom Tozer: Josef Joachim at Uppingham School



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Joseph Joachim’s Concerts

Joachim Committee Concerts, 1903

Joachim Committee Concerts, 1906

A Collection of Programs, 1881-1907



Concert: Debut, Pesth, September, 1839 Der Humorist, Vol. 3, No. 187 (September 19, 1839), p. 745.

Notice: Allgemeine Zeitung des Judenthums, Leipzig, December 21, 1839

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Notice: Der Adler, Vienna, July 6, 1843

Der Humorist, Vienna, July 20, 1843

Concert: Leipzig Gewandhaus Debut, November 27, 1843 AMZ, Leipzig, Vol. 45, No. 49 (December 6, 1843), p. 890

Concert: Leipzig, January 29, 1844, Gewandhaus

Der Ungar, Pesth, April 29, 1844 Der Ungar, Vol. 3, No. 99 (Pesth, April 29, 1844), p. 392

Concert: London Philharmonic Debut, May, 1844 (Beethoven Concerto/Mendelssohn) The Morning Post, No 22,893 (May 28, 1844), p. 3.

Concert: London Philharmonic Debut, May, 1844 (Beethoven Concerto/Mendelssohn) The Musical World, Vol. 19, No. 22 (May 30, 1844), pp. 180-181.

Concert: London Philharmonic Debut, May, 1844 (Beethoven Concerto/Mendelssohn) The Illustrated London News, Vol. 4, No. 109 (June 1, 1844), p. 354.

Concert: London Philharmonic Debut, May, 1844 (Beethoven Concerto/Mendelssohn The Examiner, No. 1896 (June 1, 1844), p. 5.

Concert: London,  June 5, 1844, The Princess’s Concert Room

The Weekly Herald (New York), August 31, 1844: London Correspondence The Weekly Herald (New York), August 31, 1844, p. 275.

Leipzig Performances, 1843-1845

Concert: Leipzig, January, 1845 AMZ, Vol. 47, No. 4 (January, 1845), p. 61.

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Bentley’s Miscellany, London, May, 1849

Revue et Gazette Musicale de Paris, Paris, January 27, 1850

Revue et Gazette Musicale de Paris, Paris, February 3, 1850

Concert: Paris, February 19, 1850 Illustrated London News, vol. 16, no. 414, Saturday, February 23, 1850, p. 130.

Revue et Gazette Musicale de Paris, Paris, March 17, 1850

Joachim in Paris NZfM April 19, 1850 

Concert: Weimar, October 19, 1850 Weimarische Zeitung, no. 85 (October 23, 1850), p. 828.

Concert: London, May 31, 1852

Concert: London, June, 1852

Concert: London, Review: The Athenæum, July 3, 1852

Review: Op. 2: Drei Stücke für Violine und Klavier (The Athenæum) October 2, 1852

Concert: Berlin, February, 1853

Concert: Düsseldorf, May 17, 1853 Dwight’s Journal of Music, vol. 2, no. 11 (Boston, 18 June, 1853), pp. 86-87.

Concert: Düsseldorf, May 17, 1853 Rheinische Musik-Zeitung, Vol. 3, No. 154 (June 11, 1853), pp. 2128-2129.

Concert: Düsseldorf, May 17, 1853 Zeitung für Norddeutschland; Hannoversche Morgenzeitung, No. 1137, (Sunday, May 22, 1853).

Concert: Düsseldorf, May 17, 1853 Süddeutsche Musik-Zeitung, Vol. 2, No. 24 (June 13, 1853), p. 95.

Concert: Düsseldorf, May 17, 1853 Wiener Zeitung, No. 125 (May 26, 1853), p. 478.

Göttingen im August (1853)  Rheinische Musik-Zeitung für Kunstfreunde und Künstler, Vol. 4, No. 178 (September 14, 1853), pp. 1338-1339.

Niederrheinische Musik-Zeitung, Köln, October 15, 1853

Review: Violin Concerto No. 1 in One Movement, G Minor, op. 3 (Niederrheinische Musik-Zeitung) March 15, 1856

Concert: Vienna, February, 1861 (Leopold Alexander Zellner)

Concert: Vienna, March, 1861

Review: Op. 11: Concert in ungarischer Weise (Deutsche Musik-Zeitung) August 12 and 19, 1861

Concert: Berlin, Singakademie, December, 1865

Concert: Leipzig, Gewandhaus, November 30, 1877, Dwight’s Journal

Joseph Joachim 60 Years’ Jubilee, Berlin, April 22, 1899 Das Magazin für Literatur, Vol. 68, No. 18 (May 6, 1899), p. 425.

Joachim Jubilee: New York Times (1899)

The Musical Standard, May 24, 1902



Joseph Joachim Death Record

Henrici Catalogue: Joachim’s Letters to Bettine



Joseph Joachim: Musical Autographs

Moritz Hauptmann: “J! – O! – Ach! – im Canon”

To Jean Joseph Bott

Joseph Joachim to Lidy Steche, Weimar, January 12, 1852

Playbill, “Hamlet” Premiere, Weimar, January 8, 1854

Moritz and Susette Hauptmann to Joseph Joachim, Leipzig, 1854

London, July 1865

Feierliche Enthüllung der Bach-Statue, Eisenach, September 28-29, 1884

A Collection of Programs, 1881-1907

Album Leaf: Romanze aus dem Concert in Ungarischer Weise, Berlin, 9 January, 1893

Album Leaf for Elisabeth Joachim, 1897

Royal Doulton Joseph Joachim Plate

Program: First English Performance of the Hamlet Overture, Op. 4 (1908)



J. S. Bach Cantata BWV 5, “Wo soll ich fliehen hin?”

C. G. Boerner: Auction Catalog of Joachim’s Autograph and Manuscript Collection

Two Paganini Portraits from Joachim’s Estate

Ruprecht Kamlah: Joseph Joachims Guarneri-Geigen



The Estate of Henry Joachim

The Grave of Johannes Joachim



Joseph Joachim: Early Daguerreotype ca. 1844

Joseph Joachim: Carl Günther, Berlin prior to 1850

Joseph Joachim: Hansen, Copenhagen

Joseph Joachim: Hanfstaengl, Munich

Joseph Joachim: Reutlinger, Paris ca. 1850

The Monday Popular Concerts: The Illustrated London News, April 25, 1863

Joseph Joachim: H. Hering, London

Joseph Joachim: Julia Margaret Cameron, London, April, 1868

Joseph Joachim: Schaarwächter, Berlin

Joseph Joachim: H. Kuntzmann & Co. Berlin

Joseph Joachim: Loescher & Petsch (Berlin)

Joachim at 40 (1871)

Villa Joachim, Berlin

Joseph and Amalie Joachim, 1873

Joseph and Amalie Joachim (1873)

Joseph Joachim: Window & Grove, 1874 or Before

James Archer: Doctor Joseph Joachim (1876)

Villa Joachim, Aigen bei Salzburg

Joseph and Amalie Joachim: Emilie Bieber Hof-Photographin, Hamburg, 1877/78

Joseph Joachim, 1879

Joseph Joachim: Schaarwächter Berlin, 1884

Das Joachim’sche Streichquartett: Musikalisches Wochenblatt, 1884 Musikalisches Wochenblatt, Vol. 16, No. 1, (December 17, 1884), p. 9.

Herr Joachim, 1885 The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News (February 14, 1885), p. 536.

Monday Popular Concerts, London (1885)

Joseph Joachim

Joseph Joachim: Loescher & Petsch Berlin, 1887

Joseph Joachim: R. Seyler (Loescher & Petsch Berlin, 1887)

Joseph Joachim by Hanfstaengl, Munich

Joseph Joachim (1890)

Joachim, Reinecke and Piatti. Beethoven Feier in Bonn, 11-15 May 1890

Joachim Quartett. Beethoven Feier in Bonn, 11-15 May 1890

Joseph Joachim: Barraud, 1894

The Joachim Quartet, 1896

Joseph Joachim: Guigoni & Bossi, Milano, 1897

Joseph Joachim and Nellie Melba, Guigoni & Bossi, Milano, 1897

The Joachim Quartet, Berlin, 1898

Joseph Joachim: Neue Photographische Gesellschaft, Berlin, 1899

Carl Ernst Forberg: Joseph Joachim (1899)

Joseph Joachim: E. Bieber Hofphotograph, Berlin & Hamburg, ca. 1900

Portrait of Joachim Reading Mail by the Fire

Joseph Joachim Playing Cards

H. Varges: Joseph Joachim Playing

Joseph Joachim: Reutlinger, Paris

Joseph Joachim: Lüpke, Berlin

Joseph Joachim and Donald Francis Tovey (Berlin, February 1902)

Felix Possart: The Joachim Quartet in the Singakademie zu Berlin (1903)

Portrait of Joseph Joachim. Inscribed ‘Joseph Joachim, London, Mar 9th, 1904’

Ferdinand Schmutzer: Joseph Joachim Playing, from Behind (ca. 1904)

Ferdinand Schmutzer: Joseph Joachim (1904)

Ferdinand Schmutzer: The Joachim Quartet (1904)

John Singer Sargent: Joseph Joachim (1904)

John Singer Sargent: Joseph Joachim (1904 Print)

Johanna Eilert: Joseph Joachim and his Grandson Hans

Ferdinand David: Brasch Atelier, Leipzig

Stradivari 1715 “Il Cremonese – ex-Joachim”

Eduard Jakob von Steinle: Joachim’s Hands

Joseph Joachim’s Hand



Ruprecht Kamlah: Joseph Joachims Guarneri-Geigen



Miscellaneous Unpublished Letters

Joseph Joachim’s Briefe an Gisela von Arnim 1852-1859

Joseph Joachim Letters (Lübeck Catalog) Catalog of the Brahms-Institut an der Musikhochschule Lübeck

Joseph Joachim to Felix Mendelssohn/Hermann Wittgenstein to Mendelssohn, March, 1844 

Wilhelm Figdor to Julius and Fanny Joachim, December 2, 1844

Joseph Joachim to Heinrich Joachim, September 2, 1847

Joseph Joachim to his Parents, September 2, 1847

Joseph Joachim to his Parents, November 5, 1847

Joseph Joachim to Unknown, Pesth, May 12, 1848

Joseph Joachim to his Uncles (Wilhelm and Nathan Figdor?), July 17, 1850

Joseph Joachim, presumably to Franz Liszt, Leipzig, September 30, 1850

Joseph Joachim to Franz Liszt, March 21, 1853

Franz Liszt to Joseph Joachim, mid-April, 1853

Robert Schumann to Joseph Joachim, April 17, 1853

Joseph Joachim to Franz Liszt, Düsseldorf, May 17, 1853

Joseph Joachim to Robert Schumann, June 2, 1853

Robert Schumann to Joseph Joachim, June 8, 1853

Joseph Joachim to Gisela von Arnim, November 27, 1853

Peter Cornelius to Bettina von Arnim, Weimar, February 7, 1854

Albert Dietrich to Joseph Joachim, Düsseldorf, February 28, 1854

Franz Liszt to Joseph Joachim, Weimar, July 10, 1856

Joseph Joachim to Ferdinand David, July 30, 1856

Joseph Joachim to Franz Liszt, Düsseldorf, August 2, 1856

Franz Liszt to Joseph Joachim, Weimar, August 7, 1856

Joseph Joachim’s Letter to his Parents after Schumann’s Death, August 12, 1856

Joseph Joachim to Franz Liszt, Göttingen, August 27, 1857

Richard Wagner to Joseph Joachim, March 17, 1858

Charles Dickens to Joseph Joachim, July 7, [1862]

Amalie Schneeweiss to Joseph Joachim, Early February, 1863

The Irish People: Ernst and Joachim [1864]

Joseph Joachim to Mrs. Siemens, March 5, 1873

A Letter of Joseph Joachim on Editing the Chaconne of Bach May 6, 1879

Joseph Joachim to Andreas Moser, August 5, 1898 (concerning the Schumann Violin Concerto)

Joseph Joachim Letters to Friedrich Hegar




F. A. E. — Sonata by Albert Dietrich, Robert Schumann, and Johannes Brahms (1853) 

A Collection of Programs

Katharina Uhde: Psychologische Musik, Joseph Joachim, and the Search for a New Music Aesthetic in the 1850s

Joseph Joachim Letters (Lübeck Catalog) Catalog of the Brahms-Institut an der Musikhochschule Lübeck



George du Maurier: Trilby, 1894

To Dr Joachim (poem)



An Early Biographical Sketch (1856) The South Australian Advertiser, (Adelaide, SA, Monday, October 31, 1859), p. 3.

F. P. Laurencin: Josef Joachim und seine Stellung zum Musikleben der Gegenwart (1861) 

Das Joachim’sche Streichquartett: Musikalisches Wochenblatt, 1884

M. Charles: Joseph Joachim und sein Concert “in Ungarischer Weise” From: M. Charles, Zeitgenössische Tondichter. Studien und Skizzen, Leipzig: Serig’schen Buchhandlung, 1888, pp. 261-273.

Review: Adolph Kohut’s “Josef Joachim. Ein Lebens-und Künstlerbild.”

Joachim on the New Music, 1896

William Henry Hadow: In a Hungarian Coffee-House (1899)

Donald Francis Tovey: From “Performance and Personality”

Otto Gumprecht: Joseph Joachim, der König der Geiger

Wilhelm Joseph von Wasielewski: Joseph Joachim und die neue Berliner Schule Wilhelm Joseph von Wasielewski, Die Violine und ihre Meister (4th ed.). Leipzig: Breitkopf und Härtel, 1904, pp. 502-525.

Carl Flesch: “Was Bedeutet Uns Die Erinnerung An Joseph Joachim?” (1907)

August Spanuth: Joseph Joachim ein Phänomen (1907)

Hermann Kretzchmar: Joseph Joachim (1907)

Mrs. E. Cawood: Joachim and His School

W. Langhans, Die Königliche Hochschule für Musik zu Berlin, Leipzig: E. W. Fritzsch, 1873

Ferdinand Pfohl: Joseph Joachim und Richard Wagner Die Musik, Vol 20, No. 9 (June, 1928), pp. 645-652.



Obituary: Amalie Joachim Die Gartenalube (1899)

Obituary: Amalie Joachim Marburger Zeitung (1899)

Obituary: Leipziger Illustrierte Wochenschrift Der Leipziger Illustrierte Wochenschrift, Verlag: Lauer & Cie. Nr. 34, 2 Jahrg. Leipzig, 24 August 1907

Julius Korngold, Neue Freie Presse, Vienna (1907) Neue Freie Presse, No. 15439, (August 16, 1907), pp. 1-3.

Obituary: The Times (London) The Times, (August 16, 1907), p. 10.

Obituary: Pester Lloyd Pester Lloyd, No. 195 (August 16, 1907), pp. 3-4.

Obituary: Elsa Bienenfeld in Neues Wiener Journal  Neues Wiener Journal, Vol. 15, No. 4962 (August 16, 1907), pp. 1-2.

Obituary: Mährisches Tagblatt  Mährisches Tagblatt, Vol. 28, No. 185 (August 16, 1907), pp. 1-3.

Obituary: Berliner Tageblatt und Handels-Zeitung Berliner Tageblatt und Handels-Zeitung, Vol. 36, No. 413 (August 16, 1907), pp. 2-3.

Obituary: New York Times New York Times (August 16, 1907) p. 7.

Obituary: Neuigkeits Welt-Blatt Neuigkeits Welt-Blatt, Vol. 34, No. 187 (August 17, 1907), pp. 11-12.

Obituary: Czernowitzer Allgemeine Zeitung Czernowitzer Allgemeine Zeitung, No. 1097 (August 18, 1907), p. 3.

The Obsequies for Joseph Joachim (August 20, 1907) Berliner Tageblatt und Handels-Zeitung (August 20, 1907), p. 2.

Die Trauerfeier für Joseph Joachim (Berliner Tageblatt und Handels-Zeitung) Berliner Tageblatt und Handels-Zeitung (August 20, 1907), p. 2.

Obituary: Signale für die Musikalische Welt Signale für die Musikalische Welt, (August 21, 1907), pp. 865-866.

Obituary: The Spectator The Spectator, (August 24, 1907), p. 255.

Obituary: Rheinische Musik- u. Theater-Zeitung Rheinische Musik- u. Theater-Zeitung, Vol. 8, No. 33/34 (August 24, 1907), pp. 413-414,

Obituary: Le Ménestrel Le Ménestrel, Vol. 73, No. 34 (August 24, 1907), p. 267-268.

Obituary: Monthly Musical Record Monthly Musical Record, Vol. 37, No. 441 (September 1, 1907) p. 193-194.

Obituary: Blätter für Haus- und Kirchenmusik Blätter für Haus- und Kirchenmusik, Vol. 11, No. 12, (September 1, 1907), pp. 177-179.

Obituary: La Revue Musicale La Revue Musicale, Vol. 7, Nos. 18-19 (September 15-October 1, 1907), p. 457.




Joachim in Düsseldorf, 1855

Agathe von Siebold: Göttingen, Summer of 1857

Richard Wagner on Joseph Joachim (1870)

Otto Gumprecht: Joseph Joachim, der König der Geiger (1872)

The Athenæum: Herr Joachim’s Degree (March 17, 1877)

Jubilee Presentation Speech by Frederic Leighton, 1889

Luigi Arditti on Joseph Joachim (1896)

Sigmund Beel: A Reminiscence (1893)

Baroness von Zedlitz: A Chat With Dr. Joachim (1894)

Aus Schumanns letzten Tagen

H. R. Haweis on Joachim (1900)

Anne Thackeray Ritchie: Concerning Joseph Joachim (1901)

Sir Frederick Pollock: Address to Joseph Joachim, May 16, 1904

Robert Bridges: “To Joseph Joachim” (1904)

Gustav von Diest: from “Aus dem Leben eines Glücklichen” (1904)

Arthur Hartmann: Joachim’s Death

Paul Bekker: Joachim (1907)

Ludwig Wittgenstein: Josef Joachim (1907) Neue Freie Presse. Morgenblatt, no. 15441 (Sunday, 18 August, 1907), p. 11.

Wilhelm Altmann: Joseph Joachim † (1907)

Charles V. Stanford: Joseph Joachim (1907)

Edith Sichel: Joseph Joachim. — A Remembrance (1907)

Carl Flesch: “Was Bedeutet Uns Die Erinnerung An Joseph Joachim?” (1907) 

Julius Korngold, Neue Freie Presse, Vienna (1907)

Lady Macfarren, “Recollections of Dr. Joachim” (1907)

Max Bruch: Gedenkworte für Joseph Joachim (1907)

Hermann Kretzschmar: Joseph Joachim (1907)

William Allingham on Joachim Browning, and Carlyle

Pester Lloyd: Graf Géza Zichy’s Anecdote

Isador Troostwyk: Reminiscences of the Great Joachim by One of His Pupils (1916)

Edward Normanton Bilbie: Joseph Joachim (1921)

Esther Bright: from “The Ancient One” (1927)

“Joseph Joachim,” The Times, Saturday, June 27, 1931

Ernst Denhof: From “Joseph Joachim Centenary. Personal Recollections” (1931)

Alexander Siloti on Liszt and Joachim

Ernst Rudorff on Joachim and Liszt

Marion Bruce Ranken on Joachim and Wagner (1939)

To Dr Joachim (poem)



Joachim on the New Music, 1896

Joseph Joachim on Stradivari’s Violins Edward John Payne, “Stradivari,” in: George Grove, A Dictionary of Music and Musicians, J. A. Fuller Maitland (ed.), Vol. 3, New York: Macmillan, 1898, p. 733.

Joseph Joachim’s Memorial Speech at Robert and Clara Schumann’s Grave, Sunday, 20 May, 1906



Joachim’s Students



The Joachim Quartet (Berlin) Membership

Andreas Moser: Joseph Joachim (The Century Library of Music, 1902)

Georg V Hannover: Ideen und Betrachtungen über die Eigenschaften der Musik (1839)

Georg V Hannover: Musik und Gesang

An Joachim (1853)

Robert Bridges: To Joseph Joachim



Works list (Protected)

Haidenröslein, for Soprano and Piano

Review: Op. 2: Drei Stücke für Violine und Klavier (The Athenæum), October 2, 1852

Joachim/Moser Violin School (Violinschule)


Joachim: Bach Adagio inG Minor (1904)

Joachim: Brahms Hungarian Dance No. 1 in G Minor (1903)

Joachim: Brahms Hungarian Dance No. 2 in D Minor (1903)

Joachim: Romanze in C Major, Op. 20 (1903)


Joseph Joachim, “Haidenröslein” (Score)

Joseph Joachim, “Im Herbst.” Lied after Ludwig Uhland (1849) (Score)

Joseph Joachim, Andantino and Allegro scherzoso for Violin and Orchestra, op. 1 (Score)

Joseph Joachim, Drei Stücke, op. 2 (Score)

Joseph Joachim, Violin Concerto No. 1 in One Movement, G Minor, op. 3 (Score)

Liszt – Joachim Rhapsodie Hongroise for Violin and Piano (Score)

Joseph Joachim, Overture to Hamlet, op. 4 (Score)

Joseph Joachim, Drei Stücke, op. 5 (Score)

Joseph Joachim (arr. Johannes Brahms), Ouvertüre zu Shakespeare’s Heinrich IV, op. 7 (2 Pianos, Score)

Joseph Joachim, Ouvertüre zu einem Gozzi’schen Lustspiel, Op. 8

Joseph Joachim, Hebräische Melodien Nach Eindrücken der Byron’schen Gesänge, op. 9 (Score)

Joseph Joachim, Violin Concerto No. 2 in D Minor, op. 11 “In the Hungarian Manner” (Score)

Joseph Joachim, Elegische Ouvertüre, dem Andenken Heinrich von Kleists gewidmet, op. 13 (Score)

Joseph Joachim, Violin Concerto No. 3 in G Major (Score)

Joseph Joachim, Cadenzas to Beethoven’s Violin Concerto (Score)

Joseph Joachim, Cadenza to Pietro Nardini Violin Concerto in e minor

Joseph Joachim, Cadenza to G. B. Viotti Violin Concerto in E, Darmstadt, November 23, 1891

Joseph Joachim, Scottish Melody for Violin Solo

Joseph Joachim, Fantasies on Hungarian and “Irish” motives; Early Cadenza to Beethoven Violin Concerto, op. 61. ca. 1850

Joseph Joachim, Merlin’s Song: “Rain, Rain and Sun” (Score)

Robert Schumann, Fantasie for Violin and Orchestra, op. 131, Holograph



Joachim on Performing Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E Minor, op. 64

 Joachim Bronze


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