To Dr Joachim

Not for thine art, not for thy heaven-taught hand
Waking again into the breathing present
With tremulous bow the passion of the Past,
Stealing with mild and subtle melody
The speechless speech of soul-dissolving sound;
Not for thy gift, O great Enchanter, but
For that which makes thy gift a sacraiment
To all dim hearts, and yearning hearts, and strong.
The Freeborn impulse and the child-like soul
Towards all Beauty and all form and thought:
For this we love thee — and would learn of thee
The inner worship of a listening heart
Seizing in darkest and most saddest themes
The eternal self-endowing Harmonies.

— Found amongst Joachim’s papers in the Newberry Library
Likely by Alice Buckton, after Joachim’s Diamond Jubilee, 1904.