Joseph Joachim and Donald Francis Tovey (Berlin, February 1902)


Photograph by Johanna “Tine” Eilert,
personal assistant to Amalie, and then Joseph, Joachim

In a letter to Sophie Weisse, Tovey writes: “Fräulein Eilert took a photograph of me and the Great Man on Friday. The Great Man began by telling me I was on no account to laugh, & then he said ‘Er grinst!’ every ten seconds till the camera was ready, so of course my only salvation was in looking very bloodthirsty at the last moment. The Great Man complains that he has come out like the Ameer of Afghanistan; but I believe really both of us are very good. But for my own ferocious glare the Great Man alone is responsible.”[1]

Photo compliments of Frau Margarete Stock.

[1] Michael Tilmouth (ed.), Donald Francis Tovey. The Classics of Music, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001, p. 257.