Joseph Joachim: Musical Autographs

Joseph Joachim: Romanze aus dem Concert in Ungarischer Weise, Berlin, 9 January 1893


Cardiff, March, 1894
AMusQS. (“Joseph Joachim”). 1½ pp. Oblong 8vo. On a single sheet of folded paper. Five measures from the second movement of Giuseppe Tartini’s Devil’s Trill Sonata marked “Tempo giusto” and inscribed in German “In memory of the concert in Cardiff and of Joseph Joachim.” Sold by Lion Heart Autographs.

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Joseph Joachim: Album Leaf for Elisabeth Joachim, Spring 1897

“Zur Erinnerung an den letzten Kammermusikabend 1896-97. Möge, liebes Kind, Brahms Musik dir ein treuer Schatz für’s Leben bleiben, wie mir!

Joseph Joachim

Frühling 1897.”

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“In remembrance of the last chamber music evening 1896-97. May Brahms’s music remain for you a true treasure, dear child, as for me!

Joseph Joachim

Spring 1897.

Berlin, June 5, 1897
Incipit. Bach, Fugue in C Major from Violin Sonata No. 3 in C Major, BWV 1005.
[In English] “In remembrance of Joseph Joachim / Berlin / June 5th 1897”




Bern, March 14, 1900
Incipit. Joachim, Romanze in B flat Major, from Drei Stücke, op. 2.
[In English] “With many thanks for your nice little letter, and for telling me that your mamma liked the piece. / Joseph Joachim / Berne / March 14th 1900”

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