N. B.: The following partial listing of Joseph Joachim’s students is based originally upon a list given in Andreas Moser’s Joseph Joachim. A Biography, London: Philip Wellby, 1901, pp. 242-244 [M], as well as information given in Wilhelm Joseph von Wasielewski’s Die Violine und ihre Meister, Leipzig: Breitkopf & Härtel, 1904 [W], and profiles from Musik und Gender im Internet. [MUGI]. Names marked [P] come from Dr Sanna Pederson’s blog Chamber Music in Berlin, 1870-1910: An Empire for Absolute Music , and names marked [KJ] have been garnered from the program of Joachim’s “60-jährigen Künstler-Jubliäum,” Berlin, 22 April 1899, for which the orchestra strings were drawn “exclusively from current or former students of the honoree, as well as participants in his quartet classes.” Other names have been culled from diverse sources. The Saerchinger/WHO’S WHO articles, while interesting and helpful, are not 100% accurate, particularly as regards birth dates. Where possible, I have provided correct dates and sources. This list is in the process of verification and elaboration, and is subject to recurring emendation. At this point, I do not completely vouch for its accuracy.

Finally, it should be noted that Joachim very seldom gave private lessons, preferring to teach in masterclass format; he also made extensive use of teaching assistants, who were responsible for most of the students’ technical training. 

JJ 1884

Joseph Joachim’s Students

Ackroyd, W. [KJ] Stud. a. d. Kgl. Hochsch. f. Mus. Berlin. Links: KJ

Arbós, Enrique Frenández (*December 24, 1863 — †June 2, 1939) [M] Links: M


Violinist and conductor. Studied with Monasterio in Madrid, Vieuxtemps in Brussels, and Joachim in Berlin. 1894-1915 Professor of Violin at Royal College of Music (London). Conductor, Madrid Symphony Orchestra. 1932 conducted first Spanish performance of Stravinsky’s Sacre du Printemps. [Arthur Jacobs and Tully Potter“Arbós, Enrique Fernández.” Grove Music OnlineOxford Music OnlineOxford University Press, accessed November 29, 2014.]. Saerchinger/WHO’S WHO (1918) gives his birth date as December 25.

 Auer, Leopold (Lipot) (*June 7, 1845 — †July 15, 1930)

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 1.40.16 PM

From 1853, studied at Budapest Conservatory with Ridley Kohne; 1855 Vienna Conservatory with Dont and Hellmesberger (Diploma 1858); with Joachim in Hanover 1863-65. 1863 Concertmaster in Düsseldorf; 1866 in Hamburg. 1868 followed Wieniawski as professor the St. Petersburg Conservatory. Solo violinist, concertmaster and and chamber musician. 1911 moved to Dresden; 1914 returned to St. Petersburg. 1917 moved to Oslo, and 1918 to New York. Teacher of Achron, Elman, Milstein, Heifetz, Seidel and Zimbalist. Author (Graded Course of Violin Playing, Violin Playing as I Teach It, My Long Life in Music), editor.

Bandler, Heinrich (*November 19, 1870 — †1931) [KJ] [M] Concertmaster, Hamburg. Links: MitteilungenKJ

Graduated from Prague Conservatory, 1889. Studied with Joachim until 1896. Played in a quartet with Gustav Holländer, and taught at the Stern Conservatory in Berlin. Subsequently First Concertmaster of the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra. Also a distinguished violist.

Bargheer, (Gustav) Adolf (*October 21, 1840 — †March 10, 1901) [KJ] Concertmaster, Basel. Links: KJ, BW

Brother of Carl Louis B. Pupil of Spohr and Joachim. Court musician in Detmold (1859-61), and Münster (1861-66). From 1866 until his death concertmaster and professor of music in Basel.

Bargheer, Carl Louis (*December 31, 1831 — †May 19, 1902) Possible student of Joachim — may be mistaken for his brother. Links: BWFL, WIKI Portrait: Hoyer, Göttingen, ca. 1855


Brother of Adolf B. Studies with Spohr (1849), David (1851), and possibly Joachim (in Hanover). Kapellmeister in Detmold from 1863-76. 1876-88 concertmaster in Hamburg; 1876-87 teacher at the Hamburg Conservatorium.

Bargiel, Waldemar (*October 3, 1828 — †February 23, 1897) Woldemar_Bargiel_als_Berliner_Professor_im_Jahr_1885 Barmas, Issay (*1872 — †1946) [KJ] Links: EJKJ Photo credit: Goethe Universität


Issay Barmas, “violinist and teacher. Born in Odessa, Barmas studied with I. Grzimali in Moscow and with J. Joachim in Berlin. He made his debut as a soloist in Berlin in 1899 and toured Europe. He also formed his own quartet in 1919. From 1900 to 1929 he taught in Berlin (Stern Conservatoire, 1900–05; Klindworth-Scharwenka Conservatoire, 1905–29) and later moved to London. Among his publications are Die Lösung des geigentechnischen Problems (1913), Tonleiter-Spezialstudien, Doppelgriff-Spezialstudien, redactions, and editions of classical works.” [“Barmas, Issay.” Encyclopaedia Judaica. 2007. Encyclopedia.com. (November 17, 2014)].

Barth, Richard (*June 5, 1850 — †December 25, 1923) [W] [KJ] Links: BMLOKJ, W


(Left-handed) violinist, composer, educator. Studied with Joachim in Hanover, 1863-67. Concertmaster in Münster and Krefeld. 1887-94 Director of Music at the Marburg University. 1895 Director of the Philharmonic concerts and the Singakademie in Hamburg; 1908 Director of the Hamburg Konservatorium. Author: Johannes Brahms und seine Musik (1904); Johannes Brahms im Briefwechsel mit J.O. Grimm (1908). Ref: Saerchinger/WHO’S WHO

Bauerkeller, Rudolph (*May 23, 1879 — †) [KJ] Stud. a. d. Kgl. Hochsch. f. Mus. Berlin. Links: KJ Ref: Saerchinger/WHO’S WHO

His father was a first violinist in the Hallé Orchestra in Manchester, England. Studied at Paris Conservatory, and Berlin Hochschule with Joachim and Wirth.

Screenshot 2019-06-26 09.55.54.png(Saerchinger/WHO’S WHO, 1918)

Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser, April 11, 1902: “… a very interesting concert… The solos were all chosen with taste, and were not made the vehicle for a vain-glorious display of technique. A Prelude and Fugue in G minor by Bach, Tartini’s celebrated “Devil’s trill” Sonata, and an Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso by Saint-Saens were the works in which Mr. Bauerkeller displayed his highly-cultivated style, and a breadth and purity of tone, such as might be looked for in a pupil of Joachim.”

Baumann, Joseph W (*October 29, 1847 — †April 3, 1905) Ref: CE

“Joseph W. Baumann. Violinist, teacher, b Berlin (Kitchener), Ont, 29 Oct 1847, d Hamilton, Ont, 3 Apr 1905. He was self-taught until at 21 he departed for Vienna to study with Adolf Brodsky. Two years later he went to Berlin for private study with Joseph Joachim. Returning to Canada, he taught in a succession of Ontario towns – Walkerton, Berlin, Toronto – before settling in Hamilton in 1882. About 1888 he appeared frequently in recital with the pianist D.J. O’Brien, founder of the Hamilton Musical Institute (see Royal Hamilton College of Music). Baumann’s playing was noted for its full tone and robust technique, both of which were imparted to his pupils, including George Fox and Nora Clench.” (Canadian Encyclopedia, CE)

Becker, Dora Valesca (*1870 — †1958) [M] (The first female violinist on record: 1898) Recording, Links: M

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 7.27.09 PM

Screenshot 2019-06-26 10.00.40.png
(Saerchinger/WHO’S WHO, 1918)

Becker-Samolewska, Bianca (* — †1925) [MUGI] Links: MUGI

Beel, Sigmund (*March 13, 1863 — †April 8, 1953) [M] Links: PCMR, Doring, Hill, Who’s WhoOAC, SFCM

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 5.04.44 PM

Born in Oakland CA, Sigmund Beel was concertmaster in Los Angeles.

Screenshot 2019-06-26 10.07.28.png(Saerchinger/WHO’S WHO, 1918)

Békei (Békey), Józsa A Hegedü, p. 275.

Belcher, Carolyn (*April 4, 1877 — †September 30, 1920) Links: ETUDE

The Carolyn Belcher Quartet (Carolyn Belcher and Anna Eichhorn, violins, Sara Corbett, viola, and Charlotte White, cello) was resident in Boston. Ref: CB 

Besserer, Erika (*July 31, 1887 — †February 7, 1951)  [MUGI] Links: MUGI

Studied with Joachim beginning in 1901.

Bild, Max (*March 2, 1869 — †September 5, 1942) [M] [KJ] Tonkünstler. Paris. Links: KJM


Birnbaum, Amalie (Amalie Radwaner, or Amalie Radwaner-Birnbaum) (*August 24, 1879 — †?) [KJ] [MUGI] Links: KJMUGI

Birnbaum, Alexander Zózislaw (*February 26, 1878 — †September, 1921) [KJ] Tonkünstler. Berlin. Links: KJMN ,MC

“A new conductor, Mr. Alexander Z Birnbaum, a native of Warsaw, who directs the Philharmonic Orchestras at Lausanne and Geneva, also made his first appearance in that rôle in London, taking charge of our Queen’s Hall Orchestra […] Mr. Birnbaum is a conductor who employs almost a super-abundance of gesture, and never spares himself in the matter of energy. At the same time, he is one who carries his forces along with him, and admirably the bandsmen answered to his virile beat.” Musical News (London: July-December, 1907), 33:3.

“Still another former Joachim pupil Zózislaw Alex. Birnbaum played recently. He made his début last winter, and since then he has studied with Ysaye. Birnbaum has a glowing temperament, such as I have never seen in a Hochschule pupil before. He has, too, a great technical talent and a beautiful sensuous tone. Unfortunately his temperament runs away with him. He hurries the tempi, and his technic is in consequence often faulty. He is flighty, but he has the genuine violin nature and always arouses his audience to demonstrative applause.” The Musical Courier (New York: January 10, 1900), 13.

Blancke, Georg Heinrich Adolf (*June 24, 1862 — † June 15, 1937) [KJ] Mitglied des Philharm. Orchesters. Berlin. Links: KJ

Blankensee, Julius (*April 4, 1858 — †November 3, 1941) [M] [W] Studied 1873-77 (W) Links: BMLOM, W

Bleuer, Ludwig (*1863 — †1897) [M] Links: Baker’sM

Bligh, Eldina (*Geneva 1867 — †March 5, 1953)

Mus. ed. at Brussels Cons., and the Berlin Hochschule; stud with Joachim. London debut at St. James’ Hall. Appeared by Royal command before Queen Victoria in Dublin. Ref: Saerchinger/WHO’S WHO

Bögner, Eugen (Eugene Boegner) (*March 3, 1870 — †March 23, 1947) [M] Links: STOKM

Borchardt, Emma, [M] Berlin. Links: M

Borisch, Franz [KJ] (Cellist) (*March 16, 1879 — †) Mitglied der Königlichen Kapelle. Berlin. Links: KJ

Briggs, Christopher Rawdon (*October 8, 1869 — †December 20, 1948) [KJ] Tonkünstler. Manchester. Links: KJ

Bright, Esther (*1868 — †1957) Studied 1886-1887.

Brockmann, (Miss) J. [KJ] Tonkünstlerin. Dresden. Links: KJ

Brode, Max (*February 25, 1850 — †December 29, 1917) [M] [KJ] Professor, Concertmaster, Königsberg. Links: KJ, KOM

Broen, Elli von (Elli Stietzel-von Broen) (*January 29, 1879 — †after 1929) [MUGI] Links: MUGI

Studied with Rudolf Rösel in Weimar, Hans Rosenmeyer in Erfurt. 1898 at Berlin Hochschule: two years with Emanuel Wirth. 1900-1901 with Joachim, Wirth, and Moser, and 1901-1902 with Joachim and Gabriele Wietrowetz. Second violinist with the Erfurter Tonkünstlerquartett. After her marriage to the architect W. Stietzel, mostly active as a teacher.

Brun, Alphonse (*1888 — †1963) [M] [KJ] Concertmaster, Zürich. Links: BMLOKJM

Buesst, Aylmer (*January 28, 1883 — †January 25, 1970) Links: OSANA, AHRC

Burgin, Richard (*October 11, 1892 — †April 29, 1981) Studied 1906. Concertmaster, Boston Symphony Orchestra. Links: BURGINScreen Shot 2014-12-06 at 10.56.33 AM Burmester, Willy (Carl Adolph Wilhelm) (*March 16, 1869 — †January 16, 1933) [DB] Links: DB, MUSIC Willy_Burmester_um_1900

Studied with Joachim at the Berlin Hochschule 1881-1885.

Butler, Herbert Dalton (*February 2, 1873 — †October 6, 1946) [KJ]  Links: ETUDEKJ, MBMUSIC

Analysis of Tartini’s G minor Sonata. Stud. a. d. Kgl. Hochsch. f. Mus. Berlin. From Omaha, Nebraska. Also studied with Gustav Hollaender at the Stern’sche Konservatorium der Musik. Extensive web-page by James Radomsky, Professor of Music History, California State University San Bernardino here.


Cardew, Mary (*September 9, 1866 — †June 21, 1918) Studied 1885-1887 [P] Links: ATSTRAD

Chew, Otie (Otie Becker; Otie Chew Becker) (*December 2, 1880 — †January 22, 1953) [MUGI] Links: MUGI, MM Screen shot 2014-12-08 at 9.29.03 AM

Studied with Richard Gompertz and Emile Sauret at the RAM (London), and with Gabriele Wietrowetz and Joseph Joachim at the Berlin Hochschule. Solos with Berlin Philharmonic, Richter Concerts in London, New York Philharmonic. Daughter of an English clergyman; after her marriage, she settled in Los Angeles, where she was active as a teacher. Soloist with Berlin Philharmonic 1903, 1905. [P]

 Clark, Margaret Eleanor [KJ] Links: KJ, FF

“Margaret Eleanor was born 19 October 1874 in Nottingham [England]. She is living with her parents, William and Charlotte, in the 1881 and 1891 censuses. She attended Nottingham High School from 1886 to 1891, specialising in music and the violin. After leaving high school she attended the Berlin Conservatoire from September 1892 a became an accomplished violinist.  In 1901 she is a Teacher of Violin in Middlesbrough. There is a marriage for Margaret Eleanor Clark in Nottingham in Jun 1906 (7b/647) to Henry Stanley PROUDLOCK. In 1911, the family are living in Castleton, Yorkshire, a small village on the banks of the Esk River, and inland from Whitby. Henry’s occupation was consulting mechanical engineer. He probably found work at the numerous quarries and mines in the district. In 1911, Margaret is recorded as a violinist.  They had one daughter, Margaret Ursula, aged 5.5 months. There is also a birth recorded for John PROUDLOCK in Newcastle on Tyne in Dec 1916, mother’s maiden name CLARK.”


Nora Clench [P]

Clench, Nora (*1867 — †1938) [M] [MUGI] Studied 1894-1895. Links: MUGICanadian Encyclopedia, ImageM[P]

Coith, E. [KJ] Königlicher Kammer-Musiker. Dresden. Links: KJ

Cook, Will Marion (*January 27, 1869 — †July 19, 1944)

Studied with Joachim at the Berlin Hochschule, 1889 [Grove Music Online]

Coryn, Corrinne (*1876 — †?) [KJ] Links: KJMUGI

“Corinne Coryn, violinist, played Bach’s A major sonata and the Joachim variations. She plays with great earnestness of purpose and with exceeding care, and has a neat technic and a pretty, smooth tone. She is a little lacking in temperament, and quite so in individuality of style, but there is plenty of time for improvement in these respects, Miss Coryn being apparently still very young, and there is considerable promise for higher attainments in the future.” [The Musical Courier, Vol. 54, No. 2 (January 9, 1907), p. 6.]

“Eine reife Künstlerin in Bezug auf Auffassung ist Fräulein Corinne Coryn; sie schöpfte den geistigen Gehalt des Brahmsschen Konzerts und der Bachschen Ciacona voll aus. Wenn ihr bei Brahms technisch manches, so namentlich die Oktaven, nicht gelang, so lag dies wohl mehr an ihrer Befangenheit, als an nicht gefestigter Technik; ihr prächtiger warmer Ton kam besonders im Adagio des D-moll-Konzerts von Vieuxtemps zu schönster Geltung. Wir dürfen noch viel von ihr erwarten.” [Die Musik, I Februarheft 1902, p. 833.]

Courvoisier, Karl (*1846 — †1908) [M] Studied 1869-70 (Baker’s). Links: BMLOBaker’s, MWorldcat     Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 4.05.51 PM

Screenshot 2019-06-26 10.15.32.png(Saerchinger/WHO’S WHO, 1918)

Croner, Helene (*February 27, 1885 — † after 1943) [MUGI] Links: MUGI

Violinist and violist. Studied 1902-1906 with Markees and Joachim at the Berlin Hochschule. In June, 1943, Helene Croner was deported from Berlin to Auschwitz, where she was murdered. [MUGI]

Curci, Alberto (*1886 — †1973) Link

Czerwonky, Richard (*1886 — †1949)

Dannreuther, Gustav (*July 21, 1854 — †)

Screenshot 2019-06-26 10.19.56.png(Saerchinger/WHO’S WHO, 1918)

Davidson, Concertmaster, Danzig (Gdańsk). [M] Links: M

Deecke, H. [KJ] [M]Grossherzogl. Concertmeister. Karlsruhe. Links: KJ

Studied with Joachim in Hannover. [M]

Dessau, Bernhard (*March 1, 1861 — †April 28, 1923)

Screenshot 2019-06-26 10.23.24.png(Saerchinger/WHO’S WHO, 1918)

Bernhard Dessau plays Wieniawski Legende

Doesburg, Hendrik (*1863 — †1921)

Doret, Gustave (*September 20, 1866 — †)

Screenshot 2019-06-26 10.27.12.png(Saerchinger/WHO’S WHO, 1918)

Dornbrack, P[aul]. [KJ] Tonkünstler. Berlin. Links: KJ

Drews, Martha (Martha Drews-Loeb) (*1877 —  †1965) [KJ] [MUGI] Links: KJMUGI

Duke, Curri [P] Studied 1889-1892

Duncan, M. [KJ] Stud. a. d. Königl. Hochsch. f. Mus. Berlin. Links: KJ

Egbert, William Grant (*December 28, 1867 (sic) — †December 9, 1928)  Ref: Ithaca

Screenshot 2019-06-26 10.40.39.png

Screenshot 2019-06-26 10.32.37.png(Saerchinger/WHO’S WHO, 1918)

Elderling, Bram (*1865 — †1943) [KJ] [M] Concertmaster, Meiningen. Links: BMLOKJM

Ellenberger, Georg (George) [KJ] [M] Tonkünstler. Nottingham. Links: KJM

Violinist and violist, teacher of Eric Coates. Advertisement in Sheffield Daily Telegraph, December 13, 1902: “MR. GEORG ELLENBERGER (Solo Violinist), pupil of Dr. Joachim receives Pupils at Messrs. Wilson, Peck, and Co.’s where terms and particulars may be obtained.”

Elsmann, Adolf (*December 29, 1851 — †March 30, 1929) [KJ] Königlicher Kammer-Musiker. Dresden. Links: KJ, DJ, DJ2

Erdmann, Pálma von (née von Pászthory. See: Pászthory, Pálma von) [MUGI]

Ern, Henri (*January 20, 1863 — †) Ref: PB,

Screenshot 2019-06-26 10.49.43.png(Saerchinger/WHO’S WHO, 1918)

Screenshot 2019-06-26 11.03.24.pngEl Paso Evening Post, August 11, 1930, p. 1

Ernst, Alfred (*April 9, 1860 — †May 15, 1898)

Studied with Böhm in Vienna and later with Joachim. A proponent of the works of Wagner, he was the first music critic for La revue blanche, founded in 1891. [Brigitte Massin“Ernst, Alfred.” Grove Music OnlineOxford Music OnlineOxford University Press, accessed November 29, 2014.]

Eyre, Phyllis [P] Studied 1903-1904

Exner, Gustav [KJ] [M] Kammervirtuos, Berlin. Links: KJM

Farkas, [M] Budapest. Links: M

Ferchland, Helene (*August 5, 1879 or 1880 — †) [KJ] [MUGI]  Links: KJ, MUGI

Studied with Joachim in Berlin and Thibaud in Paris. 1905 recipient of the Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy Scholarship. Solo with Berlin Philharmonic. Member (with Gertrud Schuster-Woldan and Eugenie Stoltz) of Gabriele Wietrowetz’s string quartet, to which she belonged until it disbanded in 1917. Joachim praised her playing as “secure, accomplished, and musically intelligent. Unusually talented…” [MUGI]

Finger, A. [KJ] Tonkünstler. Wien. Links: KJ

Fleischhauer, Friedhold (*July 24, 1834 — †December 11, 1896) [W] Links: BMLO, W

Student of Joachim in the early 1850s. Further studies with Ferdinand Laub. Member of Weimar Kapelle; 1860 Soloist in Aachen; 1864 until his death Hofkonzertmeister Meiningen.

Francke, H. [KJ] Concertmaster. Laussnitz b. Königsbrück. Links: KJ

Franko, Nahan (*July 23, 1861 — †)

(Saerchinger/WHO’S WHO, 1918)

Franko, Sam (*1857 — †1937) Studied 1876-78 (Baker’s). Links: OxfordBaker’s  Franko-Sam-01

(Saerchinger/WHO’S WHO, 1918)

French, Sybil [KJ] Tonkünstlerin. Tiverton. Studied 1896-1897 Links: [P]KJVT

Advertisement in Exeter and Plymouth Gazette, October 16, 1903: “VIOLIN LESSONS GIVEN BY Miss SIBYL FRENCH, PUPIL OF DR. JOACHIM, BERLIN. For Terms apply Mrs. SMITH, Music Warehouse, Queen-street, Exeter.”

Freund, M. [KJ] [M] Concertmaster, Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Links: KJM

Friedrich, A. [KJ] [M] London. Links: KJM

Gade, Axel, (*May 28, 1860 — †November 9, 1921) Copenhagen. [M] Links: IMSLPM Axel_Wilhelm_Gade

Son of Niels Wilhelm Gade. 1879-1881 studied at Royal Danish Conservatory with Valdemar Tofte. Further studies with Joachim. 1884 violinist with Det Kongelige Kapel; 1910 concertmaster. 1885 violin teacher at the conservatory. Composer of violin works, and several operas.

Gerhardt, Oskar (*1856 – 1929) [KJ] Mitgl. d. Philharm. Orch. Berlin. Links: KJ

Gerwing, Josephine (*February 7, 1882 — †after 1930) [MUGI] Links: MUGI

Studied with Hollaender, Kruse, Halir, and possibly Joachim. After studies between 1900 and 1907, she emigrated to the United States [MUGI].

Gesterkamp, Jan (*December 4, 1880 — †March 24, 1963) Second concertmaster, Berlin P. O. 1903-1911. Later, Hamburg Philharmonic. Links: Moser

Gibianski, M., [KJ] Stud. a. d. Kgl. Hochsch. f. Mus. Berlin. Links: KJM

Gleason, Alice Studied 1896-1897 [P] Links: ETUDE

Gompertz, Richard (*1859 – †1921) [KJ] [M]  Links: IMSLPKJM    c8ec8cb7948007f1dd06b69d3471cc3882e8260c

Studied with Joachim in Berlin, 1875-1878. Moved to England in 1880. First violinist with Cambridge SQ. 1883, taught at Royal College of Music, London; from 1895 Professor of Violin.

de Graan, Jean (*1852 — †1874), den Haag.

Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser, January 19, 1874: “Intelligence has just reached us of the death of this young Dutch violinist, a pupil of Joachim and known from his earliest days at Amsterdam as one of the most promising artistes in Europe. On his debut in London at the Musical Union, in 1870, he at once created a favourable impression, evincing a rare degree of musical intelligence and considerable executive power. During his visit to London he was the guest of Professor Ella, the director of the Musical Union, and won the esteem of many of our local professors and amateurs. After a lingering illness in Italy, he died last week, at the Hague, of consumption, at the age of 21.”

Gregorowitsch, Charles (Karol Gregorowicz) (*October 25, 1867 — †March 25, 1921) [M] [Groves] Berlin. Links: M, BIRecording  KF_Karol_Gregorowicz_A

Studied with Vassily Bezekirsky, Jacob Dont, and Joachim, who said to Bezekirsky: “You have sent me a finished violinist. There is nothing to teach him.” 1886 Berlin debut. Recipient of Mendelssohn prize. Taught Bronislaw Hubermann, who claimed he taught him “everything that could be learned from a teacher.” [Tully Potter“Gregorowicz, Karol.” Grove Music OnlineOxford Music OnlineOxford University Press, accessed December 10, 2014].

Grimson, R. [KJ] Lehrer am Royal College. London. Links: KJ

Gülzow, Adelbert (*1862 — †1933) [M] Kammervirtuose, Berlin. Links: MSchroeder

Gumprecht, G. [KJ] Stud. a. d. Kgl. Hochsch. f. Mus. Berlin. Links: KJ

Hänflein, Georg (*March 17, 1848 — †ca. 1909) [KJ] [M] [W] Links: KJM, W

1862-65 studied with Ferdinand David; three years’ study with Joachim. Member of the Italian Opera in St. Petersburg. 1874 Concertmaster, Royal Theater Hanover.

Hagemeister, [M] Richard Kammermusiker, Berlin. Links: BMLOM

Halíř, Karel (*February 1, 1859 — †December 21, 1909) [KJ] [M] Concertmaster, Professor, Hochschule für ausübende Tonkunst, Berlin. Links: BMLOKJM

Studied with Joachim in Berlin, 1874-76.

Hamaker, May Studied 1894-1896 [P]

Hanicki, Tadeusz (*1850 — †?) [KJ] Concertmeister. Köln. EPIMSLPKJ

Havemann, Gustav (*March 15, 1882 — †January 2, 1960) Links: GettyMH   Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 2.23.51 PM

Violinist and conductor. Studied with Joachim at the Berlin Hochschule beginning 1898. After 1900 concertmaster in Lübeck; 1905 Hofkonzertmeister in Darmstadt and Hamburg. 1911 teacher at the Leipzig Konservatorium. 1915-1921 concertmaster of the Dresden Hofoper. 1920s, primarius of the Havemann String Quartet, noted for its performances of modern music. Author: “Was ein Geiger wissen muss“ (1921), “Die Violintechnik bis zur Vollendung.“ (1928) Havemann was a committed anti-Semite, and a member of the Nazi party. Eventually ran afoul of Goebbels and the Nazis over his support for Hindemith. Havemann’s 1719 Stradivari was, ‘acquired’ when the Russian army entered Berlin in 1945 and was passed to the state collection in 1946. The instrument was loaned to David Oistrakh in 1947, and he used it for several years.

Herner, Carl (*January 23, 1836 — †July 16, 1906) Herner

Educated at the Prague Conservatory, he gained his first experience in Hamburg, Kiel, and Copenhagen, and played solo violin in Brussels. He studied with Joachim in Hanover. On 1. February 1858 he became a member of the Hoftheaterorchester Hannover. Herner was a member (together with N.N. Bach and Waldemar Bargiel) of one of Joachim’s quartets that became very popular in the early 1860s. He worked as first violinist, Solo-Repititor, choir director, conductor, and finally as Kapellmeister until his retirement 1900. Herner worked 42 years in the Hanover orchestra. He composed 20 pieces for ballet, opera, choir and orchestra. [Thanks to Jürgen D. Müller of Hanover, Germany, for this information]

Hess, Willy (*July 14, 1859 — †February 17, 1939) [KJ] [M] Links: KJMOxford 


Studied with his father, a pupil of Spohr. 1865 moved to USA, touring with the Theodore Thomas orchestra at the age of nine. 1876-78 studied with Joachim in Berlin. 1878-86 concertmaster in Frankfurt am Main; 1886-88 concertmaster in Rotterdam. 1888 sojourn in England; leader of Hallé Orchestra in Manchester. 1895 returned to Germany and became Professor of Violin at the Cologne Conservatorium. 1900 successor of Saurret at the Royal Academy of Music in London. 1904-1910 concertmaster of Boston Symphony Orchestra. 1910 returned to Berlin and taught at the Hochschule für Musik until 1928. [Watson Forbes“Hess, Willy (i).” Grove Music OnlineOxford Music OnlineOxford University Press, accessed November 27, 2014.]

Hesselberg, (Miss) R [KJ] Links: KJ

Hille, Gustav (*1849 or 1851 — †after 1926) Links: UM, IMSLPUM

1870 Pupil of Joachim at the Berlin Hochschule. 1879 member of the Mendelssohn Quartet, Boston; 1880 teacher at the Academy of Music, Philadelphia. Composer of various works for violin, piano, songs.

Himmelstoss Richard (*June 17, 1843 — †) [M]  Links: M

1871 Concertmaster, Breslau.

Hollaender, Gustav (*February 15, 1855 — †1915) [KJ] [M] [W] Professor, Berlin. Links: BMLOKJM, W

Holmes, Bessie Studied 1895-1896 [P]

Hösl, Josef (*1869 —†1941) [KJ] [M]  (Hösl Quartett) Links: BMLO, KALKJM

Howard, Ida Studied 1894-1895 [P]

Hoya, Amadeo von der (*1874 — †1922) Links: Schroeder

Hubay, Jenö (Eugen Huber) (*1858 —†1937) [KJ] [M] Studied 1861-63. Links: KJM

Huberman, Bronislaw (*December 19, 1882 — †June 15, 1947) Links: BH, PBS


1892-96 Studied under Joachim (primarily with Markees) in Berlin. Also studied with Charles Gregorovitch (whom he said “taught him everything that could be learned from a teacher”), Hugo Heermann and Martin Marsick. His performance of the Brahms violin concerto was admired by the composer. Founder of the Palestine Symphony Orchestra, later the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Author: Aus der Werkstatt des Virtuosen (1912). [Boris Schwarz and Margaret Campbell“Huberman, Bronisław.” Grove Music OnlineOxford Music OnlineOxford University Press, accessed November 27, 2014.]

Hundoegger, Agnes (*February 26, 1858 — †February 23, 1927)

Studied with Joachim, Rudorff, and Spitta at the Berlin Hochschule. Though a singer and pianist, Joachim claimed: “Sie war und (Rudorff, Spitta und mir) immer eine sehr liebe Schülerin, und ist uns lieb und wert geblieben.” (Schumann Briefedition Serie II, Band 2,2, p. 1334) Hundoegger was one of the founders of the tonic-sol-fa system, and an influential innovator in music education.

Imandt, Robert (*1894 — †1969) Links: LOC, FAG, UAA


Jackson, Leonora (Lenora Jackson McKim) (*ca. 1878 — †1969) [M] [MUGI] Links: AMETUDEMMUGI, SL Historic Women Performers: Leonora Jackson McKim – Tarisio

Screenshot 2019-03-13 09.52.00

Lenora Jackson owned a 1714 Stradivari violin that had previously belonged to Joachim

Jacobsen Heinrich (*January 10, 1851 — †ca. 1901) [M] [W] Professor, Hochschule für ausübende Tonkunst, Berlin. Links: M image199121

Student of Ferdinand David. 1869 member of Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra. 1873 studied with Joachim. 1876 until his death instructor of violin at the Berlin Hochschule.

Upon graduation from the Berlin Hochschule für Musik, he toured as a concert violinist and then was appointed Professor of violin at the Hochschule.  Jacobson taught many of Joachim’s pupils and or taught the pupils who aspired to be Joachim’s students.  When Maude Powell came to Berlin, Jacobson was her initial Professor.  Other Jacobson pupils included Will Marion Cook, Emily Shinner-Liddell, Lilian Shattuck, and Helene Ferchland.  Jacobson later became Chairman of the Orchestral Instruments Department at the Hochschule.  Occasional participant with the Joachim Quartet.  On November 9, 1879, Jacobson took part in the World Premier of the Dvorak String Sextet with the Joachim Quartet.

Jäger, H. [KJ] Königlicher Kammer-Musiker. München. Links: KJ

Jahn, Karl (*August 29, 1846 — †) [M] [W] Concertmaster, Bern. Links: M, W

1870 student of De Ahna, Joachim. [W]

Kahl, Oskar [M] Concertmaster, Zürich. Links: M, BIL

Karger, Max Links: ETUDE

Keményi, Rudolf (Rezső) (*March 21, 1871 — †July 7, 1945) [KJ] [M] Links: KJM Wiki

Born in Budapest, Hungary. He studied first at the National Music Hall and then in Berlin as Joachim’s pupil. In 1890 he was appointed teacher at the Königsberg Conservatory and in 1897 director. In the autumn of 1898 he returned to Budapest to teach violin at the Music Academy. He was a member of the Hubay-Popper String Quartet, and later founded the Kemény-Schiffer String Quartet Society, which was dissolved in 1910.

Kess (or Kes), Willem (*February 16, 1856 —†) [M] Kapellmeister, Moscow. Leader at Amsterdam, and Kapellmeister at Dordrecht. After 1883 conductor in Amsterdam. Links: M

Ketèlbey, Harold  (Brother of composer Albert Ketèlbey). Ref: Morning Post (London) 13 October 1905, p. 8.

Klingler, Karl (*1879 — †1971) [KJ] Links: Klingler Stiftung, BMLOKJ

Knocker, Editha Grace (*March 2, 1869 — †September 19, 1950) [MUGI] Links: MUGI

knockerViolinist, conductor, and teacher, studied with Johann Kruse, and one year with Joseph Joachim (1889 — 1890) at the Königliche Hochschule für Musik in Berlin. Concertmistress of the York Symphony Orchestra, which she founded together with T. Tertius Noble. Author: The Making of a Violinist (1921), Violinist’s Vade Mecum (appeared posthumously, 1952), and translator of Leopold Mozart’s Versuch einer gründlichen Violinschule (orig. 1756; trans. 1948).

Koellreutter, Emilie (*1887 — †?) [MUGI] Links: MUGI

Koch, Oskar (*November 12, 1862 — †March 22, 1919) [KJ] [M] Links: GENIGNKJM, NG

Screen Shot 2014-11-22 at 10.29.28 PM

Concertmaster, Magdeburg (23 years). [Magdeburger Zeitung, March 25, 1919.]

König, E. [KJ] Königlicher Kammer-Musiker. Dresden. Links: KJ

Kornfeld, J.

Advertisement in Kent & Sussex Courier, December 20, 1882: “VIOLIN AND ACCOMPANIMENT LESSONS GIVEN TO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN BY HERR J. KORNFELD, PUPIL OF HERR JOACHIM. Pupils Prepared for the Local Examinations of the ROYAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC. For particulars apply (personally or by letter) to Herr J. KORNFELD, Bishop’s Down Spa; COLBRAN’S Royal Library, High-street, Tunbridge Wells; and at CHAPPELL and Co.s, New Bond-street London.”

Kotek, Josef (or Iosif) (*October 25, 1855 — †January 4, 1885) [M] [W] Instructor at Hochschule für ausübende Tonkunst, Berlin. Links: M, W

Kruse, Johann Secundus (*March 22, 1859 — †October 14, 1927) [KJ] [M] Links: Australian Dictionary of BiographyKJM

Member of the Joachim String Quartet

Kummer, A. [KJ] [M] London. Links: KJM

Langley, Beatrice (Beatrice Cordelia Tozer) (*January 12, 1872 — July, 1958) Studied 1903-1906. [P] Links: MUGI

Born in Devon, England. Studied with Joachim pupil Joseph Ludwig and with Wilhelmj. 1893 Debut at Crystal Palace under Manns (Bruch Concerto No. 1). Studied 1903-1906 with Joachim at the Berlin Hochschule. Retired from concertizing ca. 1920 due to arthritis. [MUGI]

Langley, Marjory Studied 1902-1903 [P]

Advertisement in North Devon Journal, September 28, 1905: “Miss Marjory Langley (A Pupil of Professor Joachim from the Royal Hochschule, Berlin), gives Lessons in Violin and Viola Playing and Chamber Music At Barnstaple and Bideford. — Terms, apply, J. T. White’s Music Warerooms, Barnstaple.

László, Akós (*February 10, 1871 — †1946) Links: DTA

Composer and music critic with Otto Kreßmann’s “Allgemeine Musikzeitung.” Studied violin Emanuel Wirth, and perhaps with JJ at the Berlin Hochschule.

Works: Aus meiner Heimat (Ernſte u. heitere En. aus Ungarn, eingeleitet von Jul. Stettenheim), 1898. Neue Folge as: Ungarische Skizzen (Ernste u. heitere En.), 1900.

Lefkowitz, J. [KJ] Stud. a. d. Kgl. Hochsch. f. Mus. Berlin. Links: KJ

Lentz, [M] Professor, Budapest. Links: M

Letz, Hans (*1887 — †1969)

Liddell, Emily (née Shinner), [KJ] London. (see Shinner) [MUGI] KJ

Listemann, Bernard (Bernhard) (*August 28, 1841 — †February 11, 1917) [M] Chicago, USA. Links: STOK, ImageBoston Globe JJ Hung. Cto

Studied with Ferdinand David, Joachim, and Vieuxtemps. First violin in the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra at age 15. Court Kammervirtuose in Rudolstadt. 1867 moved to New York; debut in Steinway Hall. Next year made his Boston debut with Joachim’s Hungarian Concerto. 1871-1874 concertmaster of Theodore Thomas orchestra. Member of Mendelssohn Quintette Club. 1881 first concertmaster of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. 1893 taught at the Chicago College of Music. [Leonard Burkat and John C. Schmidt“Listemann, Bernhard.” Grove Music OnlineOxford Music OnlineOxford University Press, accessed December 10, 2014.]

Loeffler, Charles Martin (*January 30, 1861 — †May 19, 1935)

Studied with Joachim and Eduard Rappoldi; theory with Kiel and Bargiel at Berlin Hoschschule. Furthered his violin studies with Massart, and composition with Guiraud in Paris. 1881 departed for USA. Briefly returned to Paris to study with Léonard in 1884. 1887 became American citizen. Second concertmaster of Boston Symphony Orchestra (21 years). Gave American premieres of works by Bruch, Saint-Saëns and Lalo. Retired from BSO 1903. Major activity as a composer. [Ellen Knight“Loeffler, Charles Martin.” Grove Music OnlineOxford Music OnlineOxford University Press, accessed December 12, 2014.]

Ludwig, Joseph (*April 6, 1844 — †) [M] [W] London Academy of Music (1870). Links, M, W

Studied with Joachim winters 1864 and 1865 [W]. Teacher of Beatrice Langley [MUGI: Beatrice Langley].

Mahr, R [KJ] Tonkünstler. Berlin. Links: KJ

Notice in Kent & Sussex Courier, February 18, 1881 for a performance by “Herr Emil Mahr, Pupil of Joachim” playing Bach Chaconne.

Marcosson, Sol (*June 10, 1869 — †January 10, 1940) Concertmaster, Cleveland Orchestra (1918) Links: ECHCOS

Born in Louisville, Ky. Studied at the Berlin Hochschule under Joseph Joachim. Member of Boston Mendelssohn Quintet and quartet of the New York Philharmonic Club. Concertmaster, Chicago Symphony, and inaugural season of the Cleveland Orchestra (1918-1919).


Marienhagen, O. [KJ] Mitgl. d. Philharm. Orch. Berlin. Links: KJ

Markees, Karl (*February 10, 1865 — †1926) [KJ] [M]  Links: ALAPKJM

Studied with Wirth and Joachim. Member of Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, and also Kruse Quartet and Halir Quartet. Instructor at Hochschule für ausübende Tonkunst, Berlin.

Marsick, Martin Pierre Joseph (*March 9, 1847 — †October 21, 1924) [M] Links: MOxford      Marsick

1865-1867 studied with Léonard in Brussels; 1868-1869 with Massart in Paris; 1870-1871 with Joachim in Berlin. In 1892, he succeeded Sauzay as violin professor at the Paris Conservatory. Composer of various violin works.

v. d. Marwitz, (Miss) M. [KJ] Tonkünstlerin. Berlin. Links: KJ

Marx, Leon Links: ETUDE

Melani, Pietro [M]  Buenos Aires. Links: M

Mendel, Elisabeth (Else Mendel-Oberüber) (*March 15, 1886 — †) [MUGI] Links: MUGI

Studied with Joachim pupils Max Brode and Ernst Wendel. 1900 – 1904 studied at the Berlin Hochschule, first year with Moser, second with Wietrowetz, and after 1902 with Joachim. [MUGI]

Messias, [M] Concertmaster, Rotterdam. Links: M

Meyer, Waldemar (*February 4, 1853 — †) [M] [W] Links: BMLO,  IMSLP, BMOImage, FriedrichMMason, W

Studied with Joachim for four years. Violinist with Berlin Hofkapelle until 1881. [W]

Michaelis, Melanie (April 20, 1882 — † October 14, 1969) [MUGI] Links: MUGI

Studied at the Berlin Hochschule with Markees (1898) and Joachim (1899-1903). Debut with the Berlin Philharmonic. After 1911, lived in Munich as a performer and pedagogue. Leader of the Michaelis String Quartet and the Kammerorchester für altklassische Musik. Michaelis became a noted advocate for contemporary music. [MUGI]

Morgan, Geraldine (*1867 — †1918) [M] [MUGI] New York. Links: ETUDEM, MH

Moser, Andreas (*November 29, 1859 — †October 7, 1925), [KJ] Berlin. Links: BMLO, KALKJ

Studied engineering and music history; violin studies with Joseph Joachim in Berlin. 1883 Concertmaster in Mannheim. After 1888 taught violin at the Royal Hochschule für Musik in Berlin. With Joachim published the Violinschule (3 vols.), numerous editions. Author: Joseph Joachim. Ein Lebensbild, and Geschichte des Violinspiels.

Muddock, (Miss) E. [KJ] Stud. a. d. Kgl. Hochsch. f. Mus. Berlin. Links: KJ

Müller, [M] Concertmaster, Berlin. Links: M

Müller, [M] Concertmaster, Wiesbaden. Links: M

Müller, [M] Leeds, England. Links: M
[Possibly the same as G. Müller, West Dulwich, England — Ref: Sevenoaks Chronicle and Kentish Advertiser, November 21, 1902: p. 4]:

Screenshot 2017-03-09 20.27.54

Nachèz, Tivadar (*1859 — †1930) [M] London. Links: M

Nagel, A. [KJ] Königlicher Kammer-Musiker. Berlin. Links: KJ

Nicking, [M] Kammermusiker, Berlin. Links: M

Olk, Hugo (*1868 — †after 1930) [M] Link: MSTOK

Palaschko, Johannes (1877 — 1932) [KJ] Studied 1891-99. Tonkünstler. Berlin. Links: KJ, WIKI, IMSLP, MP

Studied music theory with Ernst Eduard Taubert and composition with Heinrich von Herzogenberg. Director of the Böttscher Conservatory in Berlin.

Panteo, Bianca (*August 12, 1876 — †?) [KJ]  [MUGI] Links: MUGIKJ

Milanese violinist; studied with Joachim 1893-94. 1906 Debut with Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Appeared exclusively as soloist, at least until 1909.

Pászthory, von, Pálma (Pálma von Erdmann) (*1884 — †1958) [MUGI] Links: MW, MUGI

Petri, Henri Wilhelm (*1856 — †1914) [KJ] [M] Links: KJ, MasonM

Pilzer, Maximilan (*1890 — †1958) Concertmaster, New York Philharmonic. Links: NYT. Recording: LOC

Pinelli, Ettore (*October 18, 1843 —†September 17, 1915) [KJ] [W] Links: OxfordKJ, W

Studied with Tullio Ramacciotti and Joachim in Hannover (1864). Taught at Accademia di S. Cecilia in Rome. 1874 founder of Società Orchestrale Romana, which he directed for 25 years.

Polo, Enrico (*November 18, 1868 — †December 3, 1953) [KJ] Professor, Turin. Links: KJ, SAN Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 3.56.35 PM Powell, Maud (*August 22, 1867 — †January 8, 1920) [M] [MUGI] Studied 1884-85. Links: MMUGI, SL Recordings: LOC  Maud_Powell Prill, Karl (*1864 — †August 15, 1931) Leader at Pavlovsk, then at Magdeburg. After 1891 in the Gewandhaus Orchestra, Leipzig. [M] Links: BMLO, MMason, Payne & Ehrlich

Quanté, [M] Moscow. Links: M

Quehl, Frida (Frida Schumann or Frida Schumann-Quehl) (*February 12, 1883 — †November 8, 1978) [MUGI] Links: MUGI DJ-Bibi

Radwaner, Amalie (née Birnbaum. See: Birnbaum, Amalie) [MUGI]

Rampelmann, Walter [M] Kammermusiker, Berlin. Links: BMLOM

Rawack, Margarete Elisabeth (*June 29, 1877 — †February 18, 1959) [MUGI] Links: MUGI   DJ-Bibi

Studied from October 1903 until Easter 1907 at the Berlin Hochschule — at first with Joachim and Wirth, and in the last year exclusively with Joachim. In 1925 became second violinist in an all-female quartet in Berlin led by Charlotte Rosen.

Recht, S. [KJ] Tonkünstler. Budapest. Links: KJ

Ritter, Camillo (*1876 — †1940)  Links: RC, BBC,

Teacher of William Primrose.

Ritter, Hermann (*September 16, 1849 — †?) Links: DTA

Studied with Joachim at the Berlin Hochschule. Member, Hoftheaterkapelle in Schwerin. Music Director in Heidelberg. Played under Wagner in Bayreuth. 1879 Professor for Music History and Aesthetics at the Royal Music School in Würzburg.

Rode, Minna

Roner, Herman Baron von Links: MMR

Rosenmeyer, [M] Erfurt. Links: M

Ross, Alfred [M] Liverpool. Links: FG,  M

Alfred Ross was a pupil of  Joseph Joachim at the Royal School of Music in Berlin, Germany between 1891 and 1896. In 1907, in New York, he married fellow student and American-born Marguerite Stilwell (a pianist taught by Ukrainian-born Vladimir de Pachmann). Alfred and Marguerite Ross returned to the UK after their wedding. Both were acclaimed concert performers, and teachers of music in Liverpool. Ross played in a quartet with Ernst Schiever.

Roy, (Miss) G. [KJ] Tonkünstlerin. Berlin. Links: KJ

Ruthström, Julius (*December 30, 1877 — †April 2, 1944)

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 7.17.45 PM

Studied 1901-03 at the Berlin Musikhochschule under Burmester, Moser and Joachim. Awarded the Joachim Prize. 1904 gave the premiere performance of Reger’s solo violin sonata op. 42, no. 1. 1928-35 director of Mellersta Sveriges Kammarmusikförening (Sweden). “Ruthström was a persuasive advocate of Swedish music and an influential teacher. His repertory was unusually large, and he was famed for his performances of Reger, Sibelius’s concerto and a variety of contemporary music. He wrote a number of technical studies for the violin.” [Robert Layton“Ruthström, Julius.” Grove Music OnlineOxford Music OnlineOxford University Press, accessed November 27, 2014.]

Salzwedel, [KJ] [M] Kammermusiker, Berlin. Links: KJM

Sanders, W. [KJ] Stud. a. d. Kgl. Hochsch. f. Mus. Berlin. Links: KJ

Saunders, Davol Links: ETUDE

Schäffer, (Miss) E. [KJ] Berlin. Links: KJ

Schäffer, E. [KJ] [M] Stud. a. d. Königl. Hochsch. f. Mus. Berlin. Links: KJM

Schering, A. [KJ] Stud. a. d. Kgl. Hochsch. f. Mus. Berlin. Links: KJ

Schiever, Ernst (*March 23, 1844 — †1915) Links: Oxford

Studied with Joachim in Hannover from 1860-1864. 1868 – 1869 replaced Auer as first violinist of the Müller Quartet. 1869 Founding member (second violinist) of the Joachim Quartet, and violin teacher at the Berlin Hochschule. 1878 settled in Liverpool as concertmaster of the Richter Orchestra. For three decades, primarius of the Schiever Quartet (with Alfred Ross, Carl Courvoisier, and Walter Hatton). [Groves]

Schindler, Rosa (*September 2, 1874 — †) [MUGI] Links: MUGI

Studied with Hans Hasse, Kruse and Joachim. Debut with Berlin Philharmonic. Seldom concertized after her marriage.

Schleicher, [KJ] [M] Concertmaster, Bremen. Links: KJM

Schmidt, [M] Philadelphia, USA. Links: M

Schnirlin, Ossip (*1874 — †1939) [KJ] [M] Berlin. Links: KJM

Schnitzler, Isidor (*June 2, 1859 — †) Studied at Cologne Conservatorium, also under Wirth, Wieniawski and Joachim.  [M] Boston, USA. Links: M

Schulz, Erna (*February 27, 1887 — †ca. 1938) [MUGI] Links: MUGI

Studied four years in Budapest with Jenö Hubay; 1900 to 1902 continued her studies at the Berlin Hochschule, the first year with Wirth, Jacobsen and Joachim, the second year with Wirth and Joachim. Recipient of the Mendelssohn Scholarship; debut under Joachim’s leadership in the Berlin Singakademie; member of the Wietrowetz Quartet. Settled in London ca. 1912. Joachim’s assessment of her playing: “An outstanding achievement, masterful in every respect. A rare artist; conception, brilliant technique, everything there.” [MUGI]

Schumann, Frida (née Quehl. See: Quehl, Frida)

Schuster, Heinrich [KJ] [M] Concertmaster, Strassburg. Links: KJM

Schwabe, Betty (Betty Francken) (*February 27, 1876 or 1875 — †July 16, 1943) [MUGI] Links: MUGI, SH. Ref: Dundee Evening Telegraph, February 23, 1892.

Studied with Gustav Hollaender. Matriculated at the Berlin Hochschule in 1888. Studied one year with Kruse, and from 1889 to 1892 with Kruse and Joachim. 1892-1893 exclusively with Joachim. Debut with Berlin Philharmonic under Joachim (Joachim G Major concerto, Vieuxtemps Ballade and Polonaise, op. 38, Mendelssohn e minor concerto, op. 64). Played Beethoven concerto under Nikisch. 1898 married Alfred Francken, and retired from public performance. Murdered in the Sobibor concentration camp, July 16, 1943. [MUGI]

Seibert, Willy (*1870 — †) [KJ] [M] Concertmeister, Köln. Study: four years. Links: WWCKJM

Seligmann, J. [KJ] Stud. a. d. Kgl. Hochsch. f. Mus. Berlin. Links: KJ

Shattuck, Lilian Links: ETUDE, HARVARD

Shinner, Emily (Emily Liddell) (*1862 — †1901) [M] [MUGI] Links: MUGI   Screen shot 2014-12-09 at 9.37.23 AM

Skalitzky, Ernst (*May 30, 1853 — †) Born in Prague. From 1873-1879 leader in the Park Orchestra, Amsterdam; then in Bremen. [M] Links: MMason

Skovgaard, Axel (*1875 — †) Links: LOC

Soldat-Röger, Marie Ernestine (*March 25, 1863 — †September 30, 1955) [KJ] [M] [MUGI] Links: MMUGI, Sophie Drinker InstitutKJ

Spence, Bessie

Notice in The Violin Times, November 15, 1899: Glasgow:  Miss Bessie H. Spence, the young violinist, who has often delighted Glasgow audiences, has been accepted by Dr. Joachim as a pupil in the Hochschule, Berlin, after a keenly-contested competitive examination. Miss Spence is a daughter of Mr. William Spence, schoolmaster, Cleland, and studied in this city under Mr. Elkan Kosman.” Notice in Aberdeen Journal, January 9, 1901 of a performance by “Miss Bessie Spence (a pupil of Joachim’s, Berlin).” Bessie Spence performed often in concert and on the radio, as a soloist, chamber musician, and as second violinist of the Fellowes String Quartet, at least into the 1930s in Scotland.

Spiering, Theodore (*1871 — †1925) [M]  Links: BMLO, MMBD, Violinist

Studied 1898-92. St. Louis, Chicago, CM NY Philharmonic under Mahler.

Stiehle, Ludwig Maximilian Adolph (*August 19, 1850 †July 6, 1896) [M] [W] Muhlhausen, Alsace. Links: M

Studied with Vieuxtemps; 1863-67 with Hugo Heermann. Studied with Joachim at the Berlin Hochschule 1869-70, and again 1871-72. Member of Alard’s Quartet, Paris, 1872. 1876 Director of the Musikverein Concordia, Mühlhausen.

Stietzel, Elli (née von Broen. See: von Broen, Elli)

Stillings, Kemp (* 1889) Links VMBY

Struß, Fritz (*1847 — †April 27, 1930) [M] [W] Links: IMSLP

Studied with Joachim in Hannover. [M]

Such, Henry (*March 31, 1872 — †November 4, 1929) [KJ][M] London. Links: KJMMUSIC, OM, YM

Studied from 1885-1892 with Joachim at the Berlin Hochschule. 1892 Berlin debut. 1895-1896 further studies with Wilhelmj. Professor at the Guildhall School of Music. Played a Stradivari violin formerly owned by Paganini. [Bakers]

Sussmann, (or Süssmann) Jascha [KJ] Stud. a. d. Kgl. Hochsch. f. Mus. Berlin. Links: ETUDEKJ

Tennenbaum, Betty — Sanna Pederson lists Betty Tennenbaum as having studied with Joachim from 1905-1906. I have found no other verification of this, though she is cited in a favorable 1911 review (of Saint-Saens’ violin concerto) as having studied with Emil Sauret, and performing according to the French school. Wilhelm Altmann wrote in Die Musik of her appearance with the Berlin Philharmonic that it “lacked justification for a public performance in so formidable a setting.”

Tofte, Lars Valdemar (*October 21, 1832 — †May 281907) [M] [W] Links: MMason, W   Valdemar_Tofte_1894_by_Paetz

Studied with C. Petersen and J. Selmer; in Germany with Spohr, and 1853-1856 with Joachim. 1856 Copenhagen debut. 1868-1892 first violinist with Copenhagen Court Orchestra; 1866-1904 professor of violin at Copenhagen Conservatory.

Treichler, (Hans?) [M] Concertmaster, Zürich. Links: BMLOM

Troostwyk, (Izaak) Isador (Troostwijk) (*July 3, 1862 — †June 30, 1923) Links: MA, Geni, Yale

Screenshot 2016-02-06 11.42.38 copy

Isidore Troostwyk (1862-1923) was born in Zwolle in the Netherlands. He began studying the violin at the age of ten, and when he was sixteen, patrons funded lessons with Joseph Joachim in Berlin. (Joachim later sent him to the United States with a letter of recommendation.) In 1883 Troostwyk was appointed professor of the violin at the Academy of Music in Amsterdam, and was appointed concertmaster of the Concertgebouw orchestra. Troostwyk emigrated to the United States in 1888. He was co-founder of the Dessauer-Troostwyk School of Music, at 781 Chapel Street in New Haven, incorporated in 1893. In 1895, Troostwyk was appointed as the first Instructor of Violin at the newly established Yale School of Music, where he was later promoted to Assistant Professor, and performed as a member of the Faculty Trio. Troostwyk became the concertmaster of the New Haven Symphony at the time of its organization in 1894. He was the founding conductor of two orchestras: the New Haven String Orchestra (1907) and the Bridgeport Symphony Orchestra.

Tschetschulin, Agnes (*February 24, 1859 — †1942) [MUGI] Links: MUGI. SD   Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 3.00.47 PM

Born in Helsinki. Studied with Adolf Niemann, Anton Sitt; in Berlin with Wirth and Joachim. 1887 played second violin in a quartet headed by Marie Soldat. 1889 – 1890 traveled in England. 1891 returned to Scandinavia. Composed works for violin and songs.

Vögeli, Emmy [KJ]  Links: KJ, MB, MW

From Zürich; Stud. a. d. Kgl. Hochsch. f. Mus. Berlin. Student of E. Singer. Also Joachim?

Wagner, Elsa [MUGI] Links: MUGI

Warburg, (Miss) S. [KJ] Tonkünstlerin. Manchester. KJ

Wasner, (Miss) K. [KJ] Stud. a. d. Kgl. Hochsch. f. Mus. Berlin. Links: KJ

Weintraub, J. [KJ] Fürstlicher Concertmeister. Gera. Links: KJ

Wendel, Ernst [MUGI] see: MUGI article on Else Mendel-Oberüber.

Wendheim, Gabriele von (Hoffmann, Hofmann von Wendheim, Hoffmann von Wendheim

Cited in the Neue Zeitschrift für Musik as a student of Moritz Mildner in Prague (NZfM 1858 I, p. 84). Pupil of Joachim in Hanover, ca. Winter 1858. Dedicatee of Joachim’s Notturno for violin and orchestra, op. 12. Links: SDI

Wendling, Carl (*August 10, 1875 — †March 27, 1962) Studied in Strasbourg with Heinrich Schuster and Florián Zajic, and in Berlin with Halir and Joachim. Links: ETUDE

Carl_Wendling.jpg1908: “Mr. CARL WENDLING was born in Strassburg in 1875. He studied the violin at the Conservatory of Music in his birthplace, and afterward went to Berlin, where he pursued his studies under Joachim for three years and a half. Returning to Strassburg, he taught for a year at the Conservatory. In 1899 he went to Meiningen, where he was concert-master of the Meiningen Orchestra, then led by Mr. Fritz Steinbach, for four years. From Meiningen he went to Stuttgart as concert-master of the Royal Court Theatre of that city and of the regularly established concerts of the Court Orchestra. He was also leader of the Chamber Musicians’ String Quartet, with Messrs. Künzel, Presuhn, and Seitz as associates. He still holds his official positions in Stuttgart, for he was granted leave of absence for one year to be the first concert-master of the Boston Symphony for this season.
Mr. Wendling has been concert-master of the Wagner Festival performances at Bayreuth since 1903, and in 1903, 1904, 1905 he was concert-master for Hans Richter at Covent Garden in performances of German opera.
Mr. Wendling made his first appearance in America as a soloist on October 26, 1907, at a concert of the Boston Symphony Orchestra in Boston, when he played Brahms’s Concerto in D major.” [BSO]
Wending became director of the Royal Stuttgart Conservatory in 1929. He died in Stuttgart in 1962. See also here.

Werner, Theodore [KJ] [M] London. Paris. Links: KJM

Edinburgh Evening News, March 16, 1887: “A NEW MUSICAL GENIUS. A great deal of curiosity has been recently expressed in musical circles concerning the new and phenomenal fiddle player, the great merit of whom was instantly recognized not long since by the Prince of Wales… The other night… Mr. Theodore Werner, the new violinist, played at the Lyric Club before a very representative and brilliant assembly  of prominent artistic personages, and (according to a London correspondent) he created a remarkable and profound sensation. He is a pupil of Joachim, and his bowing is worthy of the great master himself; the quality of tone he produces is very fine indeed, and as a rule more rich than that of Sarasate; while his fingering is simply perfect in finish, and absolutely faultless in rapidity and determination. Mr Werner is altogether a very marvelous musician.

Wickham, Madge Soloist with Berlin Philharmonic 1887.

Wietrowetz (or Wietrowitz), Gabriele (*January 13, 1866 — †April 6, 1937) [KJ] [M] [MUGI] Links: MUGISophie Drinker Institut, BMLOKJM  ladys-realm-4-wetrowetz1 Wiggers, [M] Berlin. Links: M

Wirth, Emanuel (*1842 — †1923) Links: KALLIOPE B5104298T5104303  

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